Kali Kardas, Marketing Manager

Kali Kardas Branding Portrait (August 2018)-1.jpg

A lifelong theater enthusiast, Navy veteran, culinary school graduate, and marketing manager with 7 years of experience doing all things marketing, I wouldn't say I've had a conventional path. But through all the adventures I've had, I've been consistent to my values and gained skills that apply across industries.

What's different about working with me?

I have zest. I know how to keep the team energized and motivated through positive feedback, constructive advice, emotional intelligence, spontaneous dance parties, and much laughter.

I have good judgment. I can think through situations and make decisions quickly. I understand that commitment is often more important that the course of action itself. At the same time, I know when it's time to shift or evaluate for adjustment.

I am scrappy. I will pick up new skills as soon as you need them. I will jump in with limited resources and make it work. I am the proverbial Project Runway Star for your business. Give me a whiteboard, a spreadsheet, and a cup of coffee, I'll build you a marketing strategy beyond your wildest dreams. 

Kali is an incredibly enterprising individual who brings spirit and energy to every project she undertakes. For example, at So Delicious, she used her passion for cooking to kick-start our recipe development program. By doing so, our company was able to make and photograph more than 100 delicious dairy-free recipes over the course of a year! We also all gained about 5 lbs because, let’s face it, the girl can cook.
— Sheena Logan, Kinship Creative Digital Strategist