How I Led a 90 Year Old Company Through a Rebrand

About a month into my position, my boss approached me with his business card.

He said, “What you change about these business cards?”

I replied, “Do you want the whole answer or a convenient one?”


“Give me the whole answer.”

This prompted a discussion about impact, color story, fonts, taglines, updating to a modern world, and messaging.

He was skeptical. I was not surprised. I ended our follow up meeting with this:

“The thing is, nothing is wrong with our branding. It’s fine. But, is that the story you want to tell for your company? It’s fine? Or do you want to present your company with the same care and attention that you spend on your own image? Think about the money you spend on clothes, your home, your car, and just generally looking good for other people to know you as your best self. Don’t you want our sales team to make the same good impression when they present our material to a lead?”