Why Your Facebook Ads Aren't Working


Facebook Doesn't Work

I can't count how many times a small business client has said to me, "I've tried advertising on Facebook and it doesn't work."

To which I reply, "The numbers tell a different story. Facebook absolutely works."

So, why aren't your ads converting clicks into customers? Or maybe they aren't getting clicks at all? The problem lies in either the ad itself, your website design, or in a bad value proposition. It could also be all three.

Does Your Market Support Your Business?

Are you a local service provider? Have you looked at the size of your service area and determined how many of them would be potential customers? If so, is the income potential there to support your business?

For example, I worked with a health coach once who wanted to work face to face with people with celiac disease. In our city, there is a metro area of about 200,000 people. If one percent of people have celiac disease, that means the entire market is 2,000 people. Can you capture 100% of the market? Where else might these people go for help? 

Does Your Ad Have a Clear Journey?

So many small businesses drive ads to the homepage of their website. This is a sure way to end any hope of making a sale from it. Most home pages do not specifically request a sale, an email address, a download... whatever it is you want from your consumer. Users don't do you any favors, they need to be asked, compelled, driven to click buttons and want what you have to offer.

Is your website on point?

Does your website have someone else's logo on it? Is it all the colors of the rainbow? Is it using the seizure-inducing flash media that the 90s so loved? Is it slow? Is it unresponsive? Don't even bother spending money on ads until your website is up-to-date, clean, professional, and looks trustworthy of handling credit cards.

Where is the breakdown?

If you look at your analytics, are you getting clicks? If no, then it's your ad. Check your media, test some different pictures. Test your ad copy. Does it say exactly what your new customer needs to hear? What can you tell them about your product or service that will tear them away from the ever reaching claws of their Facebook feed? 

If you are getting clicks, but no sales, then it's your website (see above).

Or, it could be your product. Hopefully by the time you've spent money on ads you've tested your product in your market and found reasonable pricing? No? Well, that's another day.